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So many of you know me, either as the co-owner of Thoroughbred, Donna, my wife is the other Owner, or perhaps you know me as a Mechanic having worked on vehicles since I was 14 years old. So if you know, or have read any of the posts on our website you know I am big on preventive maintenance. Especially, on time oil changes & correct fluids for all vehicles. Along that theme I want to share a story that happened the other day. A past customer wrote in for an apt on s 2016 Toyota Highlander. He wanted to have his oil changed, new oil filter & tires rotated, he added that he wanted Mobile 1 high mileage Fully synthetic oil. Since this is an expensive oil & his vehicle holds 6.5 quarts, I wanted to give him the cost for his service up front as we had not seen this vehicle before. He wrote back that my price was to high! He could have it all done for $35.00! I could substitute a lower cost oil but still not get close to this price. I wrote back & explained that he needed to be very careful that whomever offered $35 was actually putting in the proper oil & a good filter, he never replied back & that was that?

Not really, not for me anyway. TRUST - we must be able to trust the people & places we do Business with. This goes for anything we do, not just our vehicles. Since I deal with vehicles & PEOPLE this is very important to me. When Laurel, drivers, Maple Lawn Farm drivers, Fulton drivers come to us they come because they Trust & rely on us to make the correct repairs & recommendations on their vehicles. When a vehicle comes in we listen to your requests of needs and concerns. Then the mechanics, they road test, confirm the issues, make recommendations for now & in the future. Consider the Dentist, we never want to hear we need this big expensive procedure, so we go on a Regular basis & do preventive procedures. I have same dentist since 1985, because I trust him. I hope you give Thoroughbred a try. But if not, find a shop you can trust & go on a regular basis. Get the right oil, antifreeze, or whatever your needing. I learned many years ago the great price is usually the wrong item!

Last thought: Oil keeps changing we now have 0w16 oil, REQUIRED on some new Toyotas, since 2017!

Stephen Powell

Oil Change in Laurel MD 20723

Did your Oil Light come on? Our Computer aided diagnosis analysis equipment is able to get the results needed for your car and truck, high performance, classic or historic vehicle.

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